Guy Teixeira is multifaceted regarding both his clientele (commercial, fashion and portrait photography) and his artistic vision. His knowledge of graphic design and visual arts allowed him to shape a comprehensive approach toward photography, and to master the essential technical skills. As an artist, he is well aware of all aspects that set the desired mood and feeling lighting, composition, etc. Whether it’s to pass on the quality of your product to your potential clients, to capture a significant moment of your life, or to simply have your portrait taken, he will deliver remarkable, high quality shots and videos. The portfolio speaks for itself.

With over ten years of experience, mentions and an international award, Guy’s photographic vision continues to renew itself. Versatile, thrilled to define new artistic strategies, and, above all, attentive to your needs, he will produce photos and videos tailored to your wishes and your budget.

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At any moment, offering the opportunity to live the unforgettable experience of a photo shoot with Teixeira Photography is a gift that will make them smile and these moments will become memories. For further information or to schedule an appointment, contact us.